Jess Huang (sometimes credited as Celeste Pewter) is the communications manager for a national US non-profit, and a former communications staffer/speechwriter with over a decade of experience in politics. She’s also a graduate student in Global Security Studies at Johns Hopkins University, where she studies the intersection of politics and national security.

Her writing has been featured in CNN, Teen VogueCurbedThrillist and Marie Claire. Her Halloween essay for Thrillist was submitted for the Beard Award in 2019, and her Teen Vogue essay on Vincent Chin and CNN op-ed were both shared widely as the Stop AAPI Hate Movement gained prominence.

In 2022, Jess was a semi-finalist for the Presidential Management Fellowship. Huang’s first book, The Story of Tsien Hsue-Shen, the Scientist who Took Two Countries into Space, will be released from Bloomsbury in 2026. 

Articles, Publications, and Appearances

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