Frequently Asked Questions

What is AAJA Studio?

AAJA Studio is a curated listing of AAPI journalists, subject matter experts, and leaders. Together, they represent the diverse perspectives and expertise of the fastest growing community in the United States to the forefront of newsrooms, storytelling, and representation.

What is AAJA?

The Asian American Journalists Association is a professional membership association founded in 1981 by a group of AAPI journalists seeking to support one another and to encourage more AAPIs to pursue journalism. Today, we continue to champion the development of AAPI representation and leadership in journalism through trainings, opportunities, and resources for our members as well as through nurturing and maintaining a network and community of AAPI journalists globally.

How do I join AAJA Studio?

Interested in being featured/included in AAJA Studio? Please find the criteria and application to join AAJA Studio here.

Does AAJA Studio take a fee for requests or bookings?

AAJA Studio does not take a fee, nor are we directly involved in requests or bookings. AAJA Studio aims to serve as a platform that highlights the expertise of AAPIs and provides a mechanism for interested bookers, producers, and newsrooms to contact the speaker.

Will AAJA handle speaking requests or bookings?

AAJA Studio will not handle speaking requests or bookings. Rather, interested parties will be contacting the speaker’s best contact directly.

Who is the audience for AAJA Studio?

AAJA will promote the profiles to industry bookers, producers, and other universities or organizations that may seek the expertise of the bureau’s speakers.

I already have an agent. Can I still join AAJA Studio?

AAJA Studio does not displace any representation for the speaker. We exist to bring together the vast expertise of AAPI journalists and leaders. Many in AAJA Studio have their own agents or representatives, and AAJA Studio lists the appropriate contact(s) under each speaker’s listing.