Liliana is a a multicultural and multilingual digital marketer and professional development expert passionate about the creative and practical applications of multidisciplinary and cross-cultural factors in:

  • Streamlining business operations for multi-market breakthroughs
  • Maximizing an integrated marketing strategy that yields tangible uplift
  • Cultivating the strengths and skills of talented leaders and professionals through evidence-backed strategies

She has lead strategic and tactical marketing programs and geographically dispersed teams for Fortune 100 to Fortune 500 companies across industries that include consumer electronics, finance, health and beauty, fashion, tourism and hospitality, utilities, transportation, retail, and more. Liliana has also designed and accelerated the cross-border expansion of small to medium businesses to/from Latin America, with an emphasis on social enterprises. She serves as a career development expert, creating, launching, presenting, and streamlining professional development programs for over 25,000 professionals.

Articles, Publications, and Appearances

  • LinkedIn Top Leadership Development Voice
  • LinkedIn Top Career Management Voice
  • LinkedIn Top Career Development Voice
  • LinkedIn Top Career Development Coaching Voice
  • Affiliate Summit Speaker
  • Contributing Writer for FeedFront Magazine